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Two composers from our New Writers at 54! series join us for this week’s episode.

Rona Siddiqui is the award-winning composer and lyricist behind the autobiographical comedy Salaam Medina: Tales of a Halfghan, which completed a workshop at Playwrights Horizons in November 2019. She has also created standalone pieces for The NYC Gay Men’s Chorus, Broadway Inspirational Voices, and Wicked’s 16th Anniversary Commemoration and music directed the Michael R Jackson’s A Strange Loop.

Billy Recce is a MAC award-winner, and a recipient of the York Theatre Company’s NEO Award. He is a writer, composer, performer, and is the youngest writer ever selected for the New York Musical Festival for his show, Balloon Boy: The Musical. He released his debut album “The Perks of Being A Snowflake” in 2018 and his show A Musical About Star Wars is currently running off-Broadway at the St. Luke’s Theatre.

Rona and Billy sat down with our Marketing Associate Dylan MacDowell to discuss the new series, their individual journey as writers, and what sparks inspiration.


For tickets and information visit:

Rona Siddiqui: https://54below.com/events/new-writers-at-54-rona-siddiqui/

Billy Recce: https://54below.com/events/snowflake-songs-the-music-of-billy-recce/


Connect with Rona on Twitter at @RonaSiddiqui

Connect with Rona on Instagram at @CrazyFingers10


Connect with Billy on Twitter at @BillyRecce

Connect with Billy on Instagram at @TheBillyRecce

See Billy Recce sing “Unironic Love Song”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVtTpnfrh6M

See Rona Riddiqui’s song “Change the World”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JaRPU-FXeY



This podcast is hosted by Nella Vera and Adrian Karnani and produced by Grace Benigni, with support from the Feinstein’s/54 Below marketing staff.

Artwork by Philip Romano.

Follow Nella on Twitter at @spinstripes and Adrian on Instagram at @adriankarnani.


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