#9 – Now Batting: Liz Callaway

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A Broadway All-Star of nearly 40 years, Tony-nominee Liz Callaway steps into the batter’s box to talk about her mutual love of both baseball and Broadway, and her career highlights that have spanned anything from an Emmy Award, singing an Oscar-nominated song, to performing the National Anthem during the historic 1986 National League Championship Series at Shea Stadium. A lifelong Mets fan, she represents the good stuff in the baseball/theatre fanbase. She was also sure to rock her Mets gear to troll Al, just a few hours before the first pitch of the Yankees’ first Division Series game. Liz is also helping kick off the holiday season at Feinstein’s 54 Below with her sister Ann for a series of shows called ‘Broadway the Calla-way!’ during Thanksgiving week. For more information, check out the show details at www.54below.com

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