Ep5 – Sarah Meahl: surviving swinging & the joy of laughter

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Sarah Meahl is a person who hates defining herself in a bio because she is impossibly complex. She swam out of the swamplands of Florida, and has taken on odd jobs galore (from Stall mucking to nude modeling) to get to New York City and make dreams happen. Sarah has danced her way through the regions of America, the silver screen, and has spent the past 4 years performing on and off Broadway. She teaches for 14 Broadway Dance companies based out of New York City, and dreams of one day opening her own bed and breakfast.

Until then, Sarah enjoys reading lengthy historical novels, cooking, and being SCARED. She also really likes making people laugh (at or with her). She’s trying improve lives all the ways she knows how and loves being around people that inspire her to make the world better. 




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