COMPANY with Nikki Renee Daniels & Teri Ralston

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Stephen Sondheim’s COMPANY is often defined as the first “concept musical” in theatre history, but this week we explore how universal this legendary musical is. Here to help us are Nikki Renee Daniels (“Jenny” from the recent Tony-winning Broadway revival, and the first Black woman to play “Bobbie”), and Teri Ralston (“Jenny” from the original Tony-winning Broadway production). While their experiences (and productions) may have been separated by 50 years, the intention to use this musical as a way to understand both relationships and what it takes to “be alive” remains unchanged.

Find out more about Nikki Renee Daniels at her website and enjoy the amazing vocals she shares on her Instagram, Twitter and TikTok accounts.

Teri Ralston lives in Southern California and performs regularly. Be on the look out for any opportunity to catch her live!

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