KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN with Joshua Finkel & Richard Bermudez

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Recently we chose five musicals from our listener request list that had all won the “Best Musical Tony Award” and allowed our social media followers to vote on which we should cover to celebrate next week’s 2022 Tony Ceremony. The winner? Kander & Ebb’s “darksical” KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN.

Not only was this musical groundbreaking when it opened on Broadway in 1993, but it also has one of the most unique journeys to the Best Musical trophy in Tony history! Joining us to discuss this complex show is original cast member and “Molina expert” Joshua Finkel. We also get a visit from the very talented Richard Bermudez, Jeff’s costar in one (yes one) of the productions he’s done of this rarely produced show. Maybe you won’t get to see this musical any time soon (unless it’s with Lada Gaga… prayer hands), but in this episode you will certainly feel the power of the web it can weave.

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Richard “no marking” Bermudez refuses to get caught in the web of social media, and we respect him for it, but trust us that if he did have an account, you’d want to stare at his pictures all day. 😉

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