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IMPORTANT: In the wake of the Maui fires this past month, thank you for your patience as Jeff prioritized his schedule. We hope you enjoy this new episode of “A Musical Theatre Podcast.”

In the year 1966, many iconic characters arrived on Broadway, among them: Mame Dennis, Don Quixote, and the focus of today’s episode, Charity Hope Valentine. Her musical SWEET CHARITY allowed both Bob Fosse to continue his journey as a daring theatre artist as well as countless women to shine in the title role. One of them joins us this week. Dylis Croman (Broadway’s CHICAGO, DANCIN’, FOSSE) is a true triple threat who learned the Fosse style at the hand of the great Ann Reinking. Tune in as Dylis shares thoughts on her time with the 2000s revival of SWEET CHARITY and tells one of the greatest stories we’ve ever heard on the podcast.

Follow Dylis on Instagram at @dycro33 and look for her as Roxie Hart in CHICAGO this Labor Day Weekend at the Ambassador Theater on Broadway.

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