THE KING AND I with Mark Eden Horowitz & Joan Almedilla

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In 1951, THE KING AND I changed musical theatre, and now in 2022, the modern world has changed THE KING AND I. While everyone can (and should) have an opinion on this work of art, this week’s episode provides context for those opinions thanks to some incredible guests. Historian from the Library of Congress, Mark Eden Horowitz, joins us after spending an entire year studying the correspondence of Oscar Hammerstein II, and Broadway star Joan Almedilla (MISS SAIGON) guides us through the show after having walked it many times in Lady Thiang’s shoes. Whether you pronounce Anna like “apple” or “honor;” and whether you’re whistling a happy tune or giving your best “RBF” (resting bitch face), this episode celebrates both where we’ve been and how far we’ve come.

Mark’s incredible new book The Letters of Oscar Hammerstein II can be ordered HERE It’s a must read for all musical theatre history enthusiasts!

Find out more about the mega talented Joan Almedilla on her website and follow her on Instagram

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