44 Hans Spialek II

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The conclusion of a two-part program featuring legendary Broadway orchestrator Hans Spialek, who orchestrated many of the most famous shows of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, including, THE NEW YORKERS, ON YOUR TOES and PAL JOEY, Spialek discusses his experiences and collaborations with such notable composers as George Gershwin, Richard Rodgers, and Cole Porter.

Featured songs: “Quiet Night,” “It’s Got To Be Love,” “Heroes In The Fall,” “You Took Advantage Of Me,” “At Long Last Love,” “I Happen To Like New York,” and “Slaughter On Tenth Avenue.”

Originally produced and broadcast in 1983. For more information go to AnythingGoesPL.com or BPN.FM/Anything Goes. Theme music arranged by Bruce Coughlin. Associate producer Jeff Lunden. Anything Goes – Backstage with Broadway’s Best – is produced and hosted by Paul Lazarus.

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