Episode #22: Jake Smith 🤴🏻

In This Episode

What is better than being a Disney Prince 🤴🏻? Being a Disney Villain, of course!! 😈

Jake Smith is a force to be reckoned with and he joins us on today’s show! 🤩

This talented young man wants to make a stamp on the history of Musical Theatre and without a doubt, we believe he will! 💪🏻 From unforgettable memories on stage to how he got his shot on Broadway’s Frozen, you have the chance to dive deep into Jake’s experience as an actor.

You can follow Jake on Instagram to see all his updates on music, work, and his day-to-day! 💪🏻

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Big shout-out and thanks to Juan Hernández and Andrea Martínez for our wonderful intro and outro music!


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