Episode #60: Sean Doherty 🌟

In This Episode

Welcome to the Finale Episode of Season 2 of Backstage Talk! 🎉

This time; I sat down with performer and songwriter Sean Doherty and talked about his creative process of writing songs, how was going on tour with The Lightning Thief before their Broadway run, his experience on shows like Men with Money and Gay Card, and being part of cast recordings like In Pieces and Forget Me Not, his multiple appearances on NYC’s 54 Below, and much more! 👏🏻

You can now stream Sean’s two singles Boys in the Backseat & Still Got Me wherever you listen to your favorite tunes! I really cannot wait to listen to more of his songs and his journey. 🔥

You’re in for a treat with this episode! Find Sean on Twitter and IG, reach out, and congratulate him on his two singles! 

Backstage Talk will be coming soon with Season 3 starting March 2022! I am truly excited for this new season, you’ll know why! 


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