Episode #7: Anna Robb

In This Episode

We sat down with producer and stage manager Anna Robb, co-founder and managing director of TheatreArtLife!

She talked to us about how she started the website that now has contributors all over the world, including this Podcast’s Host, Martín Acuña. Her experience since she graduated college with a Design for Theatre Degree in Australia and how she started in the arts from there.

Traveling the whole world producing shows, Anna shares her tips and advice for aspiring stage managers and producers. Finally, she talked to us about future projects she has cooking up!

Know more about TheatreArtLife here: https://www.theatreartlife.com/

About Anna here: https://www.theatreartlife.com/contributor/anna-robb/

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Big shout-out and thanks to Juan Hernández and Andrea Martínez for our wonderful intro and outro music!


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