Episode #8: Sam Leicht

In This Episode

In this week’s episode I had the honor to interview one of my most recent idols, Broadway performer and personal trainer Sam Leicht. 

It was so fun knowing Sam’s journey since he chose to be an actor, starting to work on Broadway to developing Leichtning Health, a whole sustainable fitness program. We also went through body image stereotypes in the Entertainment Industry and how we can change that for good and finally we discussed his position towards movement, exercise and fitness. 

You can find Sam on his social media platforms here: 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leichtning/

Beacons: https://beacons.ai/leichtning

Leichtning Health: https://leichtninghealth.com/

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Big shout-out and thanks to Juan Hernández and Andrea Martínez for our wonderful intro and outro music!


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