Episode #81: Live at BroadwayCon! 🤩 – English

In This Episode

We did history at BroadwayCon 2022!

This episode is the translated version of the first-ever Spanish-speaking panel done at the biggest Musical Theatre Convention ever: BroadwayCon held in New York City on July 9th. 👏🏻

Guests Ilda Mason and James Bruenger-Arreguin joined us to discuss the future of Latinx Storytelling on Broadway. 💙

Latinx stories, dance styles, and music genres are every day getting closer to different types of audiences, and the three of us really think they would enjoy getting immersed in them. 🌎

We also chat about business ideas, so if you’re a producer out there and want to work with us, reach out! 😂

Follow Ilda and James on their Instagrams! They are both doing some really cool things!

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