Season 2: Episode 3: Dr. Sherrill Williams Interview: Legacy, Lessons Learned, Dancer, Physical Therapist, Tips for Keeping Active/Moving while at home, Leg Up Fitness and Wellness

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Dancer & Physical Therapist, Dr. Sherrill Williams gives tips on how to stay active as many of us continue to work from home in addition to discussing how she wants her form of physical therapy/training to play into her career legacy as well as lessons learned from her own weight loss journey & starting her own business (Leg Up Fitness and Wellness).

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Dr. Sherrill wants her form of physical therapy/training to play into her legacy
  • Tips for dancers to stay active/moving during this extended time at home
  • Exercises you can do during the day to stay limber
  • Lessons learned about starting her own company
  • Lessons learned about her own weight loss journey
  • Rapid Fire Questions
  • “In The Closet” with Call Me Adam
  • End with Dr. Sherrill revealing something she has never told before


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More on Dr. Sherrill:

Dr. Sherrill Williams began Ballet and Modern Dance at age 12, weighing 279 lbs…

She fell in love with fitness: After losing 90 lbs & realizing how amazing exercise made her feel..

She sang and played the piano before she began dancing…

Three things she brings to EVERY client session: Positive vibes, great energy, and motivation…

When she’s not treating or dancing she is: In the kitchen creating a home cooked meal using her air fryer…

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