Season 3: Episode 11: Part 2: Barry Jay Interview: Finding Hope During Dark Times

In This Episode

In Part 2 of our interview, Filmmaker Barry Jay (and founder of Barry’s Bootcamp) goes even deeper behind-the-scenes of his newest thriller, The Way Out, starring Sherri Shepherd, Mike Manning, Jonny Beauchamp & Ashleigh Murray.

This time around:

  • Barry gives insider information on how a film is made
  • We get very personal as Barry opens up about his childhood abuse, loneliness & thoughts of suicide.
  • We discuss finding hope during dark times
  • We end on a lighter note talking about Ryan Reynolds

The Way Out is available on Tubi, Amazon, VUDU, Apple TV & Google Play.

The Way Out follows Alex, an aspiring singer/songwriter, a drug addict who’s been damaged from childhood abuse. After the death of his father and inheriting the family home, he takes in a roommate, a fighter, who takes Alex under his wing, teaching him how to fight back and stand up to abusers. But soon this leads Alex down a dark path that threatens his sobriety and his life.

*This interview discusses the sensitive topics of alcoholism, sobriety, abuse, loneliness, and suicide*

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