Season 3: Episode 5: Michael Urie and Ryan Spahn: Actors, Real Life Boyfriends, Jane Anger at New Ohio Theatre, Tips for Actors and Playwrights

In This Episode

Actors and Real Life Boyfriends Michael Urie (Ugly Betty, Chicken & Biscuits) & Ryan Spahn (Daniel’s Husband) stop by Baring It All with Call Me Adam for an open, honest and lively conversation about:

  • Starring together in the new Off-Broadway play Jane Anger
  • What it’s like to be boyfriends and work together in the same show
  • Their Love Story
  • Tips for Actors and Playwrights

Jane Anger plays at the New Ohio Theatre in NYC (154 Christopher Street) through the recently extended date of March 26! Click here for tickets!

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Connect with Ryan:

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More on Michael:

Broadway: Chicken & Biscuits, Grand Horizons, Torch Song, How To Succeed…

Off Broadway: Buyer & Cellar, Government Inspector, Angels in America, The Temperamentals

TV: Ugly Betty, Younger, Modern Family, Good Wife/Fight, Hot in Cleveland.

Movies: Single All The Way, Swan Song, Lavender, Decoy Bride, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, He’s Way More Famous Than You.

Michael has played Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Mercutio, Roderigo, Saturninus, Flute, Boyette, Horatio, Hastings, Benvolio, Demetrius, Chiron and now the Bard himself! 

More on Ryan:

Off-Broadway: Lessons in Survival, Mr. Toole, How To Load A Musket, Moscow x6, Daniel’s Husband, Summer and Smoke, Still at Risk, Exit Strategy, Gloria.

Film: The Raging Heart of Maggie Acker, Shirley, Abducted, Nora Highland (writer/director), He’s Way More Famous Than You (co-writer), Grantham and Rose (writer), Woven (co-writer).

TV: Chicago P.D., Modern Love, The Bite, The Blacklist.

Ryan’s been published by Rotten Tomatoes, IntoMore, Talkhouse, Metro Weekly, American Theatre Magazine and USA Today.

P.S. This interview was originally presented on Instagram Live

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