#112 RICK MCKAY: 1956-2018

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On January 29th, 2018, we lost our 37th guest, Rick McKay. We always wanted Rick as a guest but we didn’t put him at the top of our list because he was so young and we thought “Oh, we got plenty of time.” Well, to paraphrase The Secret Garden, how could we ever know? Rick was one of our show’s biggest supporters and immediately ingratiated himself to us when he opened our studio door and said “Now, which one of you loves Joyce DeWitt?” His work on Broadway The Golden Age is astounding and we so hope we will one day see what Rick had in store for the second and third part of his trilogy. In his honor, we have reposted our interview with him, which was conducted in October of 2016. We send our love to his siblings Stephen, Linda, Sandy, Stacie and Hope. Here again is the fabulous Rick McKay.


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