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You’re Gonna Love Tomorrow….well, you’re actually gonna love today because we have with us the one and only Kurt Peterson, who was Young Ben in the original production of Follies, as well as appearing in the original productions of Dear World, The Baker’s Wife, and the revivals of West Side Story and On The Town. Kurt pulls back the curtain on his career to discuss how a discarded toothbrush led to his being cast in Follies, what it was like putting together the immortal Sondheim “Scrabble” Album, and why you should never trust a phone call from Ethel Merman! Also, Kurt shines the spotlight on Victoria Mallory, Hal Prince, and Stephen Sondheim! Become a sponsor of Behind The Curtain and get early access to interviews, private playlists, and advance knowledge of future guests so you can ask the legends your own questions. Go to: https://bit.ly/2i7nWC4 To book a room at Shetler Studios, head on over to: https://www.shetlerstudios.com To visit Kurt’s studios, head to: www.jameswilliamproductions.com


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