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SHOWS: How To Succeed….., Seesaw, The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife

Hilarious. Candid. Brilliant. How else can you describe the marvelously magnetic Michele Lee. Whether you loved her on Knott’s Landing, cheered for her in Herbie The Love Bug, or were dazzled by her countless talk show appearances, you would enthusiastically agree that Michele Lee is a living legend. Joining us from Los Angeles, Michele looks back on her theatrical career which includes Vintage ’60, Bravo, Giovanni, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Seesaw, The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife, and Wicked, to name but a few.

Michele pulls back the curtain on her career to discuss how she quickly navigated the role of Gittel Mosca in Seesaw, what it was like sharing the stage with the wildly charming Robert Morse in How To Succeed (both onstage and on film), and why Joan Rivers was her favorite interviewer.

Also, Michele shines the spotlight on Lainie Kazan, Michael Bennett, and Rudy Vallee!

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