#64 RICHARD MALTBY JR- The Creation of Miss Saigon

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“I had such a great time with those two sessions, I’m wondering if you’d like to do a third. With Miss Saigon opening in March, I wouldn’t mind doing a detailed description about how that show was written. There’s a real story there and it’s never been told. ” And with that email Rob and Kevin quickly secured a location to sit down and hear Tony Award winner Richard Maltby Jr look back on the creation of Miss Saigon. Richard pulls back the curtain on the creation of Miss Saigon, including how a stage manager got him onto Miss Saigon, what was the controversy behind Jonathan Pryce’s casting, and why Miss Saigon needed a revival in 2017! Also, Richard shines the spotlight on Cameron Mackintosh, Lea Salonga, and Nick Hytner! Note: Due to supernatural forces beyond our control, Rob’s mic cuts out towards the end. It was either a glitch or the ghost of David Belasco being mischevious. Become a sponsor of Behind The Curtain and get early access to interviews, private playlists, and advance knowledge of future guests so you can ask the legends your own questions. Go to patreon.com and search Behind The Curtain: https://bit.ly/2i7nWC4


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