EP 13- Beautiful the Carole King Musical: Ladies Edition

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This episode features Kris Roberts (Little Shop of Horrors), TyNia Brandon (Lion King), Gabrielle Elisabeth (Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), Kerissa Arrington Jessie (Sister Act), Rosharra Francis (EP “I’m the Girl) and is hosted by Salisha Thomas. Sharing a dressing room on Broadway at the Sondheim, these six ladies reunite for a true life Dressing Room Conversation.

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Kris Roberts IG @krisroberts22; Click Here to let Kris plan your next vacation!

TyNia Brandon IG @thetybrand

Gabrielle Elisabeth IG @gabelisabeth; Click Here for her Blog!

Kerissa Arrington Jessie IG @lovekerissa

Rosharra Francis IG @rosharrafrancis

Host, Salisha Thomas @salishathomas @blackhairpodcast www.salishathomas.com


Theme song: Love COD sung by Salisha Thomas; produced by Will Tin Music.

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