EP 15- Beautiful the Carole King Musical-THE BOYS DRESSING ROOM

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Is it hot in here? Or is it this boy gang! Paris Nix (Hamilton), Noah Ricketts (Frozen), Josh Dawson (Cyrano, Beautiful), Jay McKenzie (Beautiful), and Dashaun Young (The Lion King, Motown, Beautiful) are heating up this episode with truth, facts, and all the tea! These men are the original group who mounted the First National tour of Beautiful the Carole King Musical and at one point also performed in the Broadway production as well. They’re gorg from the inside out and give mad insight into black hair…from a men’s perspective. They’re hilarious, they’re honest, and they’re real.

You can’t help but love them.

There’s no better way to close out this trash bag of a year than by feeling the sense of community that these boys naturally cultivate. They hit on facial hair, finding a barber on tour in cities that don’t exactly like black people, wigs vs their own hair when in a show, hair loss for men, and so much more. Not only will they make you laugh, you’re going to want to stalk the hell out of them… To say they are very cute…would be the equivalent of saying 2020 wasn’t THAT bad. An understatement of a lifetime.

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