EP 29- Founder of Claim our Space: MARLA LOU

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From the Beautiful the Carole King Musical on Tour family, Marla Lou joins Black Hair in the Big Leagues! Marla is a true trailblazer, unapologetically going forth as her most authentic self. During this pandemic she founded Claim Our Space and is a VOICE and activist during a time that it’s needed the most. She is a model, director, student at Fordham University, and a stylist with a bomb eye for fashion!

Follow Marla on IG @marlalou_ and @claimourspacenow and www.claimourspacenow.org

Follow Host, Salisha Thomas @salishathomas @blackhairpodcast and her blog at www.salishathomas.com.


A model, director, student at Fordham University, stylist with a bomb eye for fashion, activist, leader, and award winner!

Not only all of those things, but also a part of the Beautiful Tour fam!

Marla had a rough past with her immediate family, and rose up from those issues and GREW to find her own path in life.

Her hair has been through so many different styles, a countless amount. Long, short, curly, locks, etc! She is still trying to my HERSELF in her hair journey.

Wig prep:

Spraying hair down, pin the back down tight.. THATS IT!


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