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EP 30 – Broadway’s Meangirl BRITTANY NICHOLAS

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Brittany Nicholas hails from Meangirls on Broadway. She was also the dance captian for Matilda and Billy Elliott. Black Hair in the Big Leagues highlights a lot of Natural Hair sisters. But this episode is special because Brittany is holding down the fort for the girls out there perming their hair. She seems to have gotten it down to a science for how to do it long term and in the healthiest way. The chillest vibe on the block, Brittany is an energy you just want to hang with!

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Show Notes:

She is taking the time to rejuvenate during quarantine, feeling happy and healthy!

Brittany is the first guest on the show with a perm! She has permed her hair since the 5th grade, it was easier and more manageable for her dance performances and such as a kid. She continues to perm her hair every so often, with lots of deep conditioning to keep it healthy.

Products used:

Tracee Ellis Ross’ Line of products: Edge control, styling cream, mist for product build up, styling gel, etc!

Matrix Biologe Extra moisture Aloe Vera shampoo (feels like a co wash), Matrix Biologe Detangler.


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