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Broadway’s Rick Younger was on hiatus from starring in Meangirls as Mr. Duvall at the time of this recording due to the pandemic. Since this time, Meangirls has announced its official closing on Broadway but Rick hasn’t slowed down a bit! He’s been booking national commercial after national commercial, filmed for The Last OG with Tracy Morgan, as well as doing a whole lot of writing. In addition to these creative outlets, he’s a professional standup comedian and…a FATHER! He’s got two biracial children and his journey with his daughter’s hair is insightful.

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  • Dad, Actor, Comedian, Producer, Writer
  • National Tour of Rent, commercials, Last OG, Mr. Duvall in Mean Girls
  • Two kids
  • Rory (Son): On the spectrum with ADHD and autism
  • Lolo (Daughter)
  • Makes sure Lolo loves her natural hair
  • Crown Act: idea of teaching black women to embrace their hair as it is; places of employment should not discriminate for wearing hair naturally
  • “Hair Love” (Short Film)
  • Lack of representation/ability for kids to see [black] heroes/characters that look like them
  • Black characters are always sidekicks; revolves around the white character who is the lead/leader
  • Black fathers are the most active fathers of all
  • More he thought about not caring about what others thought, the more he didn’t care about what other people thought about his hair
  • Went to the barbershop on a schedule before the pandemic
  • Started to fade temples
  • The #BREFFUS Show (Live)
  • The Rick Younger’s Show
  • “If you had your own TV show, what would it be?”
  • Late night talk show host who does everything


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