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From theater, film, commercial, and voiceover actress, Ayana Major Bey is an INSPIRATION. Black Hair in the Big Leagues was born in part due to Ayana’s influence. Always on a grind, always leveling up, Ayana Major Bey cares for her curls like nobody’s business, and this episode will make you feel like you are truly one of the girls! Listen to her podcast: THE ARTIST PIVOT.

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Show Notes:

Recorded a week before the election results, election/news talk is important this episode!

Uplifted Artists Company-after 12 years in the business, Ayana knows about auditioning, agencies, and show biz! Started the Uplifted Artists program to help young artists prepare auditions and understand the process.

Upcoming books about auditioning are on the way, but in the meantime, Uplifted Artists and the podcast are available. The book writing and editing is currently on the back burner, but Ayana hopes to create sections about auditioning in the pandemic (video auditions, self-taping).

Uplifted Artists Mission Statement- To educate, empower, and celebrate artists so they have no option but to thrive.

Ayana’s natural hair is BEAUTIFUL! She didn’t always embrace her texture and curl, her journey started after college. Perms were a huge part of her life since age 9 because her hair was so thick, and there was a lack of product for/education about hair. After college, Ayana went all natural for a more budget friendly hair journey!

Embracing her hair was difficult, until she realized everyone’s hair is different and unique!

Tricks/Tips for styling:

-Denman brush

-A classic twist out

-8 Piece Wash Day Kit (By Joiful Bee)

– contains satin scrunches, hair separating clips, satin bonnet, scalp massager, detangling brush, microfiber towel/wrap, heat cap, etc!

Hair for shows:

All but one show, Ayana is wigged! Her one show she didn’t wear a wig, it was a twist out. Her wig prep: if her hair is in twists, she would pin curl the twists in the front, and have two french braids in the back!

Products used:

-GO TOS: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Hair Masks (Maui Moisture recently), Moroccan Oil Curl Intensive Leave in Conditioner ($38), Zotos All About Curls Leave in Conditioner, Shea Moisture Coconut Oil Spray Leave in Conditioner.

Pro Tip: wash hair out with cool water!

-Other Brands used: Pattern, Eden Body Works, Maui Moisture.

What is sparking Ayanas fire right now? What is she excited about?

-Hugs from her momma and sister

-The future of Ayana! (podcast, company, voiceovers)

-Blessed to be alive and healthy, and to have the time to focus on HER during the pandemic. Without nonstop auditions, she has time to reflect and work on herself.


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