EP 34-Summer on Broadway’s ANISSA FELIX

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Anissa Show Notes:

Made her Broadway debut in Motown

In Sunset Boulevard and Summer (The Donna Summer Musical) on Broadway

TV & FILM: Pose, The Deuce, The Good Fight, 2017 movie Detroit

Salisha’s Curl Crush

Currently in her apartment in Brooklyn, enjoying quarantine with her Fiancé.

Spent most of quarantine living Little House on the Prairie style! Washing clothes in the bathtub, baking bread, walking everywhere, etc!

Hair Journey:

Started out with a relaxer every six weeks from her mom throughout her childhood all the way up until after high school. After she moved to college at the University of Mary Washington, she completely cut off all of her hair to start a healthier process! She was ridiculed, bullied and seen as different for having short curly hair in 2009, and now it’s the craze! Started using products for natural hair after that, and here she is!

Anissa has amazing curls, so how does she get them to look so good?

Products used:

Jane Carter Solutions (black owned and relatively inexpensive) scalp wash shampoo, leave in spray, and thick styling cream.

OGNX curl line shampoo(second option)

Detangling Denman/paddle-like brush to brush it out


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