EP 37-Vanguard Theater Company: JANEECE FREEMAN CLARK

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Janeece Freeman Clark is an actor, director, producer, and the founder of Vanguard Theater Company which educates the youth and also has a HUGE mentorship program matching up each student with an actor currently on Broadway. She was in the Broadway production of Urinetown but truly has a heart for education. You’ll leave this episode feeling like you want to go and make a difference in the world!
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She is an amazing producer, director, and artist educator. In 2015, she confounded Vanguard Theatre Company (within the company there’s a mentorship program she works with)
Urinetown on Broadway
Started her natural hair journey in college and transitioning was very challenging for her because of the thickness of her hair. Braids were a go to during this transition period.
It took her about 2 years and a ton of patience to go fully natural and remove past damage.
Being natural was very important to Janeece so that her children could grow up with the normalcy of natural hair! 
Talks about some sort of “Hair Program” within other theatre programs to teach about hair prep and wig prep for the stage!
Important conversation about integrating black hair care and education into schools and programs. Is there a black women’s guide to hair care on the big stage?
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