EP 43: Hamilton on Broadway and Tour: ERIN CLEMONS

In This Episode


  • Éponine in Les Misérables, Janelle Woods in Beautiful, Eliza in Hamilton
  • Wearing natural hair all the time makes hair inherently healthier
  • You can’t wear it down/out everyday
  • Ouidad Curl Creme (first)
  • Ouidad Climate Control Gel (second)
  • Only puts a little bit in hair because she wants hair to feel a little frizzy (doesn’t want crunchy look)
  • Deva Cut did not go well!
  • Took too much off when she asked for a trim; TRAGIC!
  • Ana Daniels (Hair Stylist) does a nice cut
  • Half black (dad)/Half white (mom)
  • Became conscious of what other people thought in middle school
  • Standard of beauty in America is a white women with straight hair
  • This is what she thought was beautiful, so she started straightening her hair
  • Her mom/role model was white, so she wanted to look like that
  • Realized to embrace hair in her first year of college
  • Once she got to New York, she saw all the women wearing their natural hair and got excited
  • Jen Waldman Studio (New York, New York)
  • 4C (Color Conscious Character Creation) Class
  • Reach Out by Molly Beck
  • Reach Out Party
  • People at her acting studio kept her going during the pandemic

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