EP 44- Textured Hair in Politics & Pageants w/ Cierra Jackson

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Cierra Jackson is a political and Pageant Queen POWERHOUSE. When we recorded this episode in the winter of the Pandemic, she was Miss DC USA. Since then, she has officially become the longest reigning Miss DC USA in the history of the pageant. She crowned the new Miss DC and has now become the new Miss Black International Ambassador!! She’s a model, an entrepreneur, has an online jewelry business which you can check out at @cierras_corner. She started a program called She Should Run which encourages and equips women with the tools needed to run for political office. She worked in the White House during the Obama Administration, is a Spelman grad, has a consulting business, was Miss DC in the Miss America Organization, and is an overall gem of a human being!

Watching her on that Miss USA stage with her natural hair is nothing short of inspiring. During this interview, Cierra talks about showing up as the Black woman she is in very corporate spaces.

Follow Cierra Jackson on IG @cierradjackson and her website at www.cierrajackson.com.

Follow host, Salisha Thomas at @salisha and www.salishathomas.com

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