EP 85- FAT HAM’S Nikki Crawford and Adrianna Mitchell

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Nikki Crawford and Adrianna Mitchell join this week’s episode on Black Hair in the Big Leagues with host, Salisha Thomas! They are currently starring in the FAT HAM playing at the Public Theatre in New York City. Get your tickets Here.

Nikki Crawford graduated from Carnegie Melon has been all over TV, film, and theater. She’s performed live from regional houses across the country and has been on television in Criminal Minds, Pretty Little Liars, Malcom in the Middle, and let’s not forget Martin, Living Single, and A Different World to name a few!

Adrianna Mitchell graduated from Spellman and American Conservatory Theater. She’s an actress, writer, and director. She’s been on Blacklist, Bull, The Good Fight, Queens, Harlem’s Kitchen, and Snowfall, and more!

Follow them at @nikkicrawford917 and @adriannamitchell_.

Follow host, Salisha Thomas @salishathomas and www.salishathomas.com

FAT HAM is a co-production between The Public and National Black Theatre, and reinvents Shakespeare’s masterpiece Hamlet with a black, queer, and southern twist. It explores questions of identity, family, and trauma in a delectable comic tragedy directed by The Public’s Associate Artistic Director Saheem Ali.

The show stars Marcel Spears (CBS’s The Neighborhood) as the show’s modern day Hamlet– Juicy, a queer, Southern college student. Set at a backyard BBQ complete with Southern soul food , this is NOT your typical Hamlet retelling (it even ends in a drag performance). But it’s an important, thought provoking play that I hope you’ll come check out.  

Nikki Crawford plays Tedra (based on Hamlet’s Mother Gertrude) and Adrianna Mitchell plays Opal (based on Ophelia) and they are wonderful, fun, and integral parts of this retelling.

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