BroadwayCon 2020: The Ensemblist #259 – My Show Closed (feat. Tracee Beazer, Afra Hines, Kelvin Moon Loh, Barrett Martin, Bret Shuford)

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Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to bring together five of the most experienced and storied ensemble actors working on Broadway today before a live audience at BroadwayCon. We talked about the shows they originated and the characters they’ve created, but also the disappointments they’ve felt when a show closed. While actors Tracee Beazer, Afra Hines, Kelvin Moon Loh, Barrett Martin and Bret Shuford have each influenced the legacy of musical theatre, they’ve also been a part of shows that just didn’t gain traction with Broadway audiences. I figured with their experience, they must have some perspective about how to handle the disappointment of being in a Broadway flop. Here’s our conversation…


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