Episode 28 – Grant Dodwell introduces Australian Theatre Live!

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We’re nearing the end of our first season but not before we bring you some stellar new guests to discuss what’s happening in Australian theatre. On this episode we sit down with Grant Dodwell, Creative Director of Australian Theatre Live, the newest streaming platform just for Australian theatre productions!

Grant talks us through the creation of ATL, as well as stories from his wealth of experience in the Australian entertainment industry. Australian Theatre Live records and distributes popular Australian theatre captures to audiences across the country and the world. They make theatre accessible to arts lovers regardless of location, income or ability. They encourage and promote theatre companies, playwrights, performers and creative technicians further developing our local live-performance industry.

Listen to Grant go into behind the scenes stories of how live shows get filmed and answer our 1 Minute Theatre Thoughts!

Sign up to Australian Theatre Live by following the link here.

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About Grant

Grant is a professional actor, writer and producer with over 40 years’ experience in theatre, film and television. Trained at NIDA, he is best known as Dr Simon Bowen in A Country Practice winning three Logie awards for the role he played for three years of its eleven year run. Grant is a co-founder of ATLive and is passionate about ensuring younger generations have affordable access to theatre. He is a consistent advocate for actors and theatre creatives, ensuring their work is preserved and celebrated both locally and abroad.

Show Timings

[01:24] – Welcome to a new episode!

[05:25] – Australian Theatre Live

[13:50] – The process of filming a live show

[15:36] – Where did ATL start?

[19:00] – The Logistics

[28:00] – Grant’s Highlights

[30:36] – 1 Minute Theatre Thoughts

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