#100 – Now Batting: Fun in the Making

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One. Hundred. Episodes.

This week, the two folks that have experienced every second of this show from the ground up come together to celebrate this milestone in a way that only seems fitting. Join Al Malafronte (Creator/Host) and Matthew Hendershot (Editor/Audio Engineer) as they discuss the show’s evolution over the last two years, rehash their favorite moments behind the mic and audio mixer, answer some audience questions, and look forward to what’s ahead. Al Mal also reveals a few never-been-told stories from “backstage and inside the clubhouse,” and Hendo even “takes a shot” at an epic round of Fastball Derby, which was filled with some awesome stories of his own and plenty of laughing fits.

Thanks to each and every one of you in our audience for your love and support as we hit the century mark! The conversations, stories, and laughs we’ve shared together are a blessing unlike any other. We’d also like to thank some of our friends of the show that have helped shape Break a Bat! You may just hear a few of them in a pretty epic Batter’s Box walk-up that kicks off our celebration…

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