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Still trying to make sense of what went wrong in Broadway’s latest flop? The 2021 production of New York Yankees Baseball certainly goes down as one of the most polarizing and frustrating shows that loyal fans of the team have seen in recent years, going well beyond the one-sided Wild Card Game finale in Boston. Searching for many answers on what lies ahead in what will truly be a fascinating offseason, host Al Malafronte welcomes Neil Keefe to The Batter’s Box for Episode 106. Keefe is the founder of the popular New York Yankees blog and podcast, Keefe To The City.

Formerly of WFAN, Keefe’s insight on the team defines what it means to be fair and objective. Since much of our audience considers themselves to be baseball fans first, rather than just Yankee fans, unbiased opinions on the state of the franchise are essential when evaluating what can right the ship in The Bronx. With a championship drought that now spans a dozen years, Malafronte and Keefe examine anything from potential cast and crew changes to the organization’s disconnect with the audience. These are complicated issues, however, our chat does its best to address them and truly epitomizes one very specific essence of the Yankee fan — passion.

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Hosted by Al Malafronte

Produced by the Broadway Podcast Network 

Edited by Matthew Hendershot

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