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Amy Robach steps into The Batter’s Box for Episode 108! Be it through her work on ABC’s Good Morning America, GMA3, or 20/20, you can always count on Robach to bring a smile to your face, tell it like it is, and inspire you on so many levels. She’s just authored her very first children’s book alongside her husband Andrew Shue titled Better Together, a sweet tale inspired by their own blended family that’s all about finding common ground and learning to appreciate each others’ differences. This week, she joins host Al Malafronte to discuss some of the wonderful stories and inspiration that helped guide her in writing the book, along with some of the poignant takeaways she hopes to leave with readers of all ages. The book is published by the fine folks at Flamingo Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House, and is now available for purchase here or wherever you get your books!

As Better Together showcases, one of Robach’s greatest attributes is her passion for storytelling. It’s no coincidence that this passion is largely rooted in her performing background going back to her high school days as an avid student of theatre. Like many in our audience, her love of Broadway is complemented by a tremendous sports fandom, and this conversation couldn’t have come at a better time – as her hometown Atlanta Braves were on the cusp of winning their first World Series title since 1995! A Breast Cancer Survivor, she also touches on some of the powerful ways in which she’s used her platform to raise awareness for early detection and to provide support to women facing the same challenges she did.

There were so many laughs during this week’s edition of Fastball Derby and it’s safe to say that more than two years into this podcast, this is one of our favorite conversations. We’re beyond thrilled to share it with you!

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