#111 – Now Batting (Again!): Jen Lilley

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Jen Lilley RETURNS to The Batter’s Box in Episode 111! Our very first hitter to get their second at-bat on the show, Lilley is starring in Royally Wrapped for Christmas which premieres this Saturday, November 27th at 8 pm EST on GAC Family. This week she joins host Al Malafronte to talk all about the new film, as well as the continued charitable work she’s doing with Christmas Is Not Cancelled which has some really special stuff brewing that not only aligns with Royally Wrapped for Christmas, but also benefits Toys for Tots in the process.

Given the special occasion surrounding her second at-bat, this chat also featured a revamped edition of our signature Fastball Derby segment where Lilley “swung at pitches” thrown by our loyal listeners. These pitches encompassed a wide array of topics that spanned anything from depressing baseball walkup songs to Broadway show tunes and ultimately made for a great addition to our Holiday Block Party!

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Hosted by Al Malafronte

Produced by the Broadway Podcast Network 

Edited by Matthew Hendershot

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