#113 – Now Batting: Lisa Durupt

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The Batter’s Box gets even merrier, as Lisa Durupt joins us for Episode 113! Durupt can be seen as the star of Christmas With a Crown airing Wednesday, December 8th on Lifetime where she plays the role of Cassie, a successful woman who returns to her hometown to revive her family’s Christmas festival. She’s also one of the film’s executive producers.

This week she joins host Al Malafronte to chat all about the new film and how her athletic background plays into her “sports-minded” approach to acting. A tremendous hockey player going back to her days growing up in Winnipeg, we also discussed the crossroads she faced in college when choosing between sports and the arts, and our thoughts on the stigmas surrounding mental health maintenance for a performer on-screen as opposed to at the stadium. She still gets her sports-fix as a Beer League Hockey player, and it’s safe to say that there were plenty of laughs in our chat, especially during our Fastball Derby where Durupt brought a powerful swing and some epic stories.

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Hosted by Al Malafronte

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