#114 – Now Batting: Joe Hennes

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What’s a “Holiday Block Party” on this show without some Muppet mayhem? Joe Hennes is the Co-Owner and Editor-in-Chief of ToughPigs.com, the premier online destination for “Muppet fans who grew up.” In many ways, he’s the baseball equivalent of Michael Kay – serving as the voice of the fan through his knowledge, passion, comedic wit, and objectivity that comes through in all of his writing. This week, he joins the party with host Al Malafronte to discuss The Muppets’ influence on the world of Major League Baseball mascots, some of his accomplishments at the helm of ToughPigs (which just celebrated its 20th anniversary!), and all things Muppet holiday specials!

You can connect with ToughPigs on their website and you can support them on their Patreon, as well!

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Hosted by Al Malafronte

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Edited by Matthew Hendershot

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