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Two-time Cy Young Award winner, Bret Saberhagen steps into The Batter’s Box for Episode 67! Throughout a big-league career that spanned parts of 16 seasons from 1984-2001, Saberhagen authored a legacy as one of the great right-handed pitchers of his generation. He’d go onto retire as a three-time All-Star with a sparkling 3.34 lifetime ERA and 167 wins to his name.

Saberhagen takes host Al Malafronte through not only some of his highlights on the field which included a no-hitter and World Series MVP performance for the Kansas City Royals, but also his love of the performing arts. While pitching here on Broadway for the New York Mets, Saberhagen caught his fair share of theatre and even took on a few acting gigs of his own in Married with Children and The Scout. A man of many talents, he even did some singing and dancing in the classic ‘Saberhagen Shuffle,’ which recently saw a second life right here in New York City on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

These days, Saberhagen continues to do phenomenal work for SabesWings, a foundation he started with his wife Kandace. SabesWings aims to assist those suffering from financial medical toxicity because no patient should choose between treatment and everyday expenses. You can find more information on the foundation’s website.

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