S3 EP14 Do The Hustle, with Mandy Gonzalez & Aurore Joly

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Continuing our discussion of side hustles, we have Mandy Gonzalez. She starred in Hamilton for five years, was Elphaba in Wicked, and originated Nina in In the Heights. Even with all those amazing credits, she still finds other work. We also have Aurore Joly, who moved to NYC from France to try to make it on Broadway. While going on auditions and working theater jobs, she created her own pilates business (that I go to!) 

Learn more about Mandy Gonzalez at mandygonzalez.com. Follow her on Instagram @mandy.gonzalez.

Learn more about Aurore Joly at aurorejoly.art and @cleophaseve and Move Art Studio at themoveartstudio.com and @moveart_studio.

You can find me on Instagram @kerrybutler1 and TikTok @kerrybutlernyc.

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