S3 EP7 – At the Ballet, with Aurore Joly and Dana Steingold

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This week we have Aurore Joly, a dancer who lived and trained in Paris alone at a very young age, talking about her journey to New York. She is my Pilates instructor, and she helped me be able to do 8 shows a week with an injury.  We ALSO have Dana Steingold on to talk about getting through 8 shows a week in Beetlejuice, and we may bring up the competition we had going to win the coveted “Most Shows” award.  

Learn more about Aurore Joly at aurorejoly.art and @cleophaseve and Move Art Studio at themoveartstudio.com and @moveart_studio.

Learn more about Dana Steingold @dsteinface on Instagram and Twitter.

You can find me on Instagram @kerrybutler1 and TikTok @kerrybutlernyc.

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