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Broadway is deeply involved with charity and supporting important causes….it’s in the DNA.  This podcast will spotlight Broadway actors, shows and organizations in their pursuit of social responsibility and impact.  You will hear from guests about their causes, how they got involved with charities, as well as stories of the people who have benefited from these philanthropic efforts.  From stars to stagehands, from ensemble and cast members to big organizations and small, we will discuss why philanthropy is so vital and inspiring. And we will be inspired to do good, get educated and take action to make the world a better place.  This feel-good podcast will also discuss ways in which the listeners can become “everyday” philanthropists. 

Jan Friedlander Svendsen worked on Broadway for 18 years running the marketing and cause-related programs for the Tony Awards and the Broadway League.  She has worked at the Charity Network for the past 5 years, as Chief Creative Officer, helping celebrities raise awareness and funds for cause.  This podcast is a passion project that marries the two worlds that she knows and loves.

Hosted & Executive Produced by Jan Svendsen and co-produced & edited by Jim Lochner.

A proud member of the Broadway Podcast Network.

Special thanks to Dori BerinsteinAlan Seales, Brittany Bigelow, Katie Rosin, and Yo Nikolova from BPN; Julian Hills from The Bulldog Agency; Eric Becker and Broderick Street Music; the Charity Network; and Glenn Weiss!

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