Episode 50: 100 YEARS OF SHUFFLE ALONG, part 4

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In this episode I continue my Centennial celebration of the groundbreaking musical Shuffle Along! with the second half of my conversation with Richard Carlin & Ken Bloom who are the co-authors of Eubie Blake: Rags, Rhythm and Race – the very first full biography of Shuffle Along’s legendary composer.

If you missed the first part of this conversation you may want to listen to episode 49 before continuing with this one.

As we ended the previous episode, Sissle & Blake and Miller & Lyles – the two black Vaudeville teams that came together to create Shuffle Along – were finally about to open their new musical on Broadway following a very challenging pre-Broadway out of town tryout. The only New York theater they could get was really just a concert hall with a very shallow stage, and located on 63rd street at the extreme northern edge of the theater district – over a mile from 42nd Street. The small stage allowed for only minimal scenery, and the only costumes they could afford were sweat stained, hand me downs from previous Broadway shows. As a result, Shuffle Along, had no visibility or profile, or expectation from anyone that it would run more than a week. However, even with all of this stacked against it, Shuffle Along immediately became a giant hit – true over-night sensation! 

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