Episode 90: A Novel Approach To Broadway History

In This Episode

My guest this week is author Laura Frankos whose delightful and entertaining new novel is titled Broadway Revival — What If Gershwin Had Lived?

Although this is the first work of fiction that I have featured on this podcast, as you will hear, Broadway Revival is filled with fascinating and meticulously researched Broadway history.

One of the greatest joys of this book is that it provides all of us the opportunity to go back in time and experience legendary Broadway musicals of the 1930s, 40s, & 50s — at least vicariously — through the eyes of the story’s protagonist David Greenbaum. 

Other central characters include George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Vincent Youmans, Jerome Kern, Kurt Weil, Richard Rodgers & Larry Hart. In fact, an alternate subtitle for the book could have been, “The Time Travelers Boyfriend — Larry Hart”!

Laura Frankos is also the author of the The Broadway Musical Quiz Book, the mystery novel St. Oswald’s Niche, numerous stories which have appeared in fantasy, mystery, and science fiction magazines, and she also contributed a chapter to the recent book 50 Key Stage Musicals.

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