Special Bonus Encore Episode: When Broadway Was Black, part Two!

In This Episode

This is a special bonus Encore episode of Broadway Nation in celebration of the rerelease of the book formerly known as Footnotes and now retitled When Broadway Was Black — The Triumphant Story of The All Black Musical That Changed The World.  

In the first segment you will hear part of my very recent conversation with author Caseen Gains all about this new retitled and updated version of his fascinating history of the 1921 musical Shuffle Along! Then you’ll hear the second part of my original discussion with him recorded back when the book first came out. 

And if you missed it you can hear the first half of both of those conversations on the previous episode of Broadway Nation.

One final note: If you live in NY or are going to be there on May 22nd you can join Caseen at 54 Below for a special event he is producing called: 54 Sings Shuffle Along! Featuring an all-star cast of performers.

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