Broadwaysted Presents “One Shot of Holiday Cheer” Part One

In This Episode

It’s that time of year again! It’s Broadwaysted’s 6th Annual Holiday Radio Play written by Kevin Jaeger! This year’s Radio Play is being recorded all together live–without rehearsal–and with festive beverages! The Plot? “Candy Cane, the world-famous Broadway actress who mysteriously disappeared from the spotlight for almost two decades, has invited a group of the “who’s who” of Broadway for lavish holiday party at her isolated mansion in upstate New York. The guests are presented with the ultimate holiday gift: the chance to inherit Candy’s billions. But when Candy ends up dead, brilliant Detective Holly Day must crack the case before no one inherits—and no one survives.” Enjoy–it’s a wild ride!

Cast: Aaron J. Albano, Kevin Jaeger, Adam Lash, Amanda Nicholas, Celeste Sayles, Fergie L. Philippe, Bryan Plofsky, Robbie Rozelle, Celeste Sayles, Jay Schmidt, and Kimberly Schmidt.

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