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‘Twas the Night of Broadwaysted tells the hilarious and heartfelt story of the magical journey the three Broadwaysted hosts take to rekindle their holiday spirit.

The Bartender’s Cut includes all three parts of the radio musical in full! Enjoy the entire story at once! Follow Bryan, Kimberly, and Kevin as they look to rediscover their holiday spirit with #FriendsoftheShow!

Part 1: Starring Colin Donnell, Patti Murin, Aaron J. Albano, Nikisha Williams, Hayley Podschun, Elliott Mattox, Kelvin Moon Loh, Jeremy Abram, and Jay Schmidt.

Part 2: Starring Aaron J. Albano, Nikisha Williams, Julia Murney, James Monroe Iglehart, Kara Lindsay, Robbie Rozelle, Justin “Squigs” Robertson, J. Elaine Marcos, Gabriel Mudd, and Jay Schmidt.

Part 3: Starring James Monroe Iglehart, Joe Aaron Reid, Kara Lindsay, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Hayley Podschun, Robbie Rozelle, Kelly Shoemaker, Will Watt, Madison Stratton, Aaron J. Albano, and Nikisha Williams.

Book by Kevin Jaeger, Music and Lyrics by Jason Pomerantz and Kevin Jaeger.

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