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Dennis Stowe / @dennisstowe

Have you ever had a dream that you thought would never come to pass as the years went by? Well, Dennis Stowe is the perfect example that good things come to those who continue to work hard and not lose focus of their dreams! And we get to hear all about that journey in our chat with him.

Dennis didn’t make his Broadway debut until he was in his thirties. But, once he did, the work has continued to roll in! Dennis has been in nine broadway shows, including the original cast of Shrek the Musical! He was also in the revival of Annie and most recently Aladdin, where he has been moved from ensemble to standby for Jafar and Sultan!

In our talk together, Dennis shares how he stays ready at all times and what it is like to truly be prepared for a role. The wisdom, insight and talent that Dennis brings to a rehearsal process is valuable information that anyone looking to be their best in the room should adhere to! Dennis is a true Broadway veteran, and he has the credits and heart to prove it.

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