#108 – Liz Flemming – LAST 5 YEARS / Founder of Out of the Box Theatrics

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Liz Flemming / @littlelizzybiz
In 2016, Liz Flemming had the idea to do the production of You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown on a playground. She wanted to create a piece that used all disabled and BIPOC actors, and she set out with a dream that then became the company Out Of The Box Theatrics. Liz and OOTB focuses on creating theatre site specific locations that are in marginalized communities, creating space for inclusivity and equality at a professional level.
This spring, Out Of The Box Theatrics produced a virtual production of The Last FIve Years, which they filmed in an actual NYC apartment. Liz shares with us the journey of bringing a production like this to life and how different it was to film a piece in a site specific location and the joy of still creating theatre even in such a challenging time our industy has seen in the last year.
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